Live Events

TRIMEDIA LLC manages the production of scripted and unscripted performing arts events. We support a variety of creative efforts in displaying both major and minor forms of artistic expression. Our services include financial management and operational logistics, where we emphasize a creative strategy to offer audiences a complete, unique experience. We collaborate with choreographers, dancers, set designers/artists, composers and musicians to enhance each live event and create "themed tour schedules".

We work to place our clients and performers in the most appropriate venue. Arenas, outdoor amphitheaters and performance halls are slated for bookings that match an artist's abilities, the style and genre of their performance, and the audience demand for the event.

Our long-term goal is to seemlessly re-invent, revitalize and revolutionize the identity of performing artists during the various stages of their artistic and commercial careers. By providing audiences and booking venues thrilling, entertaining experiences we are able to accomplish these goals.