Film and Digital Media Projects

TRIMEDIA LLC's special talent in the entertainment industry has always been connecting performance and storytelling artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution of their projects and performance tours. Since 1990, we have built longstanding relationships with concert and arena venue owners in placing talent at events, short and long-term residencies, and through thematic tour schedules. These business dealings have established our reputation in the event management industry and produced tremendous opportunities for countless talented performers.

Our industry is rapidly changing. Computer generated effects, digital media and internet streaming technologies are providing artists the ability to create and distribute their projects while improving the depth and quality of films available for audiences. We proudly support both industry affiliated and independent filmmakers and their efforts in producing interesting and diverse feature length, short, and genre influenced serial projects. As part of a "Give Back to the Industry", an industry which has helped TRIMEDIA LLC company owners achieve a comfortable level of financial success, we are attempting to promote the efforts of individuals and their creative works.

Routinely, in addition to the creative projects we support with direct services and guidance, we will include trailers of new and promising films on our web site that are being promoted for funding on the Internet. These films and documentaries, not affiliated with TRIMEDIA LLC, are creative works that we viewed, liked, and supported by providing a donation to their project. With the filmmakers' consent, we will add the film on our site for a limited period of time with the artist's forwarding link in an attempt to provide exposure for the project to industry contacts and the many visitors regularly visiting our web site. These actions will hopefully be the catalyst with some level of positive feedback for others to take an interest in these projects and generate additional support for the creators of the films.

Our efforts in "Paying It Forward" are separate from the creation and direct production of the projects. These sincere actions are not an attempt to claim creative interest, rights, or ownership of the independent projects. Our only goal is to use our industry value network as a collaborative springboard for new artists to potentially enjoy some of the success that we have experienced over the past twenty five years in the industry.


"Coming of Age" adventure following the travels of three men.